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About Topia: Strategic Vision

Topia is focused on developing the distribution infrastructure of renewable fuels across North America through its Topia GreenStops.  The GreenStop offers a unique access of BioDiesel and Ethanol blends at the pump as well as organic and natural food in the store.  These GreenStops can also become a central distribution point for BioDiesel to major fleets through an on-site wholesale distribution terminal.  These distribution terminals can be located close to the "petroleum alley" of major population center to facilitate distribution and blending of the fuel for distribution to end users.

Topia is aggressively developing opportunities for individuals interested in being involved with renewable energy by offering competitively priced licenses to operate a Topia GreenStop.  Should you be interested in learning more on how to license a GreenStop, please contact our offices directly.

Topia GreenStop
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