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ABOUT TOPIA: Our History

  • became a founding partner of the "Certified BioDiesel Driven" program to promote and certify high-quality BioDiesel internationally,

  • opened Canada's first BioDiesel terminal in Brampton, Ontario (February, 2004),

  • opened Canada's first retail BioDiesel pump and its first retail station (March, 2004),

  • opened the City of Toronto's first retail BioDiesel pump (May, 2004),

  • signed a letter of intent in April, 2004 with a large petroleum dealer, the oldest Chevron dealer in the southern United States, to supply at least 2,000,000 gallons (almost eight million litres) of BioDiesel annually for each of the next three years.

  • opened Canada's first BioDiesel station at a marina in Penetanguishe, Ontario (June, 2004),

  • began delivering BioDiesel to Con-Drain, Canada's largest construction company, which has made a sub-development north of the City of Toronto, the first in Canada to be serviced using BioDiesel fuel, and

  • began delivering BioDiesel to The Toronto Transit Commission - the nation's largest transit authority,

  • opened the first-ever, all renewable bas station. Topie GreenStop's first location is built in the west end of Ottawa (August 2005)
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