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ABOUT TOPIA: Management

With the Kyoto Accord, a renewable fuel standard recently legislated in Ontario and a Canadian federal standard being contemplated, Topia's management is working to secure it's position as the market leader for the supply, distribution and production of renewable fuels across Canada. In order to achieve this goal, the company must ensure that BioDiesel is easily available across the country at all times and in the manner that regular petroleum diesel is available. The largest obstacle to developing new markets is the availability of the fuel and the ease of distribution to customers. By implementing wholesale distribution centres in strategic locations coast-to-coast, Topia will ensure that customers receive their deliveries on schedule and with specified guaranteed blend.

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Govindh Jayaraman
President , Chief Executive Officer
Topia Energy Production Ltd.

Gabriel Leclerc
Vice President, Business Development
Topia Energy Production Ltd.

Alex Fischer
Chief Financial Officer

Janelle Thompson
Inside Sales Manager
Topia Energy Production Ltd.

Robert Gilkinson
Operations Manager
Topia GreenStop and Real Cafe Inc.


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