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RETAIL: Topia Greenstops

Topia Greenstops are franchise retail stations that offer both BioDiesel and Ethanol blends at the pumps. They are environmental destinations where you can fill your vehicle with 'green' energy and fill up with healthy food at the same time at Topia's Real Café.

Topia's Real Café offers an alternative to the usual unhealthy snacks founds in other gas stations. All food offered come from organic base products and are prepared fresh daily.
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Woodward Ave

Hours of Operation:
Monday- Friday
7am - 6pm
9am - 5pm

Queensway Exit at Maitland direction south. Left on Woodward it will be on your left hand side at the corner of Clyde.

For more information on how to license a GreenStop, please contact Topia Energy directly



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