CERTIFICATION: Certified: BioDiesel Driven

Certified: BioDiesel Driven is a best practices for fuel distribution and quality control. It has a reputation for flawless BioDiesel production and usage with not one case of engine failure in 11 years.

It is the only truly International Standard and it has been adopted throughout Canada, US, Australia and China.

The US Navy, who is the largest diesel fuel user in the world, is BioDiesel Driven.

Since straight vegetable oil will burn in a diesel engine, they are some legitimate concerns of BioDiesel quality which may not be readily apparent. Therefore, it becomes important to ensure that the BioDiesel adheres to a strict certification program and standard.

BioDiesel Driven fuel will meet and exceed ASTM D6751 which is the standard accepted by OEMs for operations in cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats, generators and airplanes.

Program Overview

1. Third Party Testing

The testing is done by independent laboratories and is not simply an audit of existing testing methods. It goes through six months of weekly pre-certification testing and must meet either ASTM D6751 or EN 14214 through three phases:

  • PHASE 1 - Acid Number, Water & Sediment, Sulphur, Free Glycerine, Total Glycerine
  • PHASE 2 - Phosphorus, Sulphated Ash, Copper Strip, Carbon Residue
  • PHASE 3 - Full test

It is then followed by monthly tests of random samples.

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2. Additives and Fuel Maintenance
Certified: BioDiesel Driven fuel must contain additives to protect against:

  • Microbial growth
  • Repolymerization
  • Against instability

Unused Fuel that is outside the stability limits must be returned to plant.

3. Chain of Custody and Handling
Since good BioDiesel can go bad, product must be tracked to protect the industry and our markets so BioDiesel will follow strict transportation specifications to cover:

  • Extreme temperature storage & transportation
  • Contamination mitigation in transport
  • Track fuel from production to fuel tanks

4. The Phoenix Program
The BioDiesel Industry is still fairly young; therefore, producers and distributors alike do not have all the answers. The Phoenix Program ensures a high level of cooperation between all marketers, distributors and customers that adhere to the Certified: BioDiesel Driven program in order to deal proactively with downstream issues and problems.

The program is responsive and engages users, distributors and producers as innovators in the industry.

Topia Energy Distribution Inc. meets all of the requirements of the BioDiesel Driven Program. The BioDiesel Driven Program is a marketing and quality control package that stresses third party testing and verification of fuel quality. Proven accordance by a BioDiesel manufacturer with the standards of the BioDiesel Driven Program is the only way to guarantee that a BioDiesel product is adhering to the strict standards of ASTM 6851, which is the industry standard for BioDiesel as ratified by Petroleum Marketers and Engine Manufacturers.


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