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The modern rediscovery of economically viable BioDiesel production models offers the world new opportunities for energy exploration and resource development. The way we define this exploration and development is the most interesting and exciting opportunity associated with BioDiesel's resurgence.

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Finally, and on the broad base of international BioDiesel support, rural communities in every jurisdiction in Canada, the United States and beyond can examine, explore and exploit oil resources that exist above the ground with the same sort of passion that we've looked for oil that may exist below the ground. The best part of all this is, of course, that when we develop and exploit these resources we are not limited by time. These oil resources are timeless and sustainable.

Imagine, instead of looking at barren farmer fields and depressed rural economies, we could fuel a revolution. In this revolution these rural economies become the source of renewable energy, which is in turn consumed by mass transit, consumer, and fleet operations in big cities nearby. This sort of business development has been called utopic, of course, we disagree. We believe these opportunities are there for the taking. They are domestically grown and processed.

Topia Energy Production Ltd. is committed to the development of the BioDiesel industry by ensuring that high-quality BioDiesel is affordably available to anyone using diesel in any application, anywhere. Only by working together as a nation can we truly make a difference to our environment and to our health and secure a strong and healthy Canada for future generations.



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