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Government of Canada commits $2 million towards 20 million litre-a-year facility

May 13, 2005

Sudbury, Ontario: Topia Energy Production Ltd, one of Canada's leading BioDiesel companies, today broke ground on the first commercial BioDiesel production facility in rural Canada. The 20 million litre-a-year facility on the outskirts in Sudbury, will more than quadruple the current BioDiesel capacity in Canada.

“This is a great day for BioDiesel in Ontario and Canada,” said Topia President Govindh Jayaraman. “Thanks to the support of the federal government, and the tireless efforts of Member of Parliament Ray Bonin, Sudbury will now be known as the BioDiesel capital of rural Canada. Together we are helping build a BioDiesel industry in Canada.”

Natural Resources Canada and Environment Canada today announced just under $2 million in federal support from the Opportunities Envelope for the construction of the new BioDiesel plant.

“Topia’s commitment to build in Sudbury is proof of this region’s environmental stewardship and suitability as a renewable fuel centre. Sudbury can be proud of what this plant will do for our environment, our economy and our community,” added Ray Bonin, the Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt. 

“This is great news for Sudbury and great news for BioDiesel industry as a whole,” added Canadian Renewable Fuel Association Director Kory Teneycke. “Topia has been a leader in bringing biodiesel to consumers at its retail stations and fleets through its distribution network.  Now it is helping to propel Canada forward as a leading commercial BioDiesel producer.”

Topia Energy BioDiesel is a renewable, low green house gas fuel that is now being driven in cars, trucks, and buses across Canada.

The new Sudbury plant will create 20 full time jobs and over 200 spin off jobs in the agricultural community both in Sudbury and the surrounding area. It is expected to take three to four months to complete construction of the new facility.

Topia Energy Production Ltd., founded in 2001 and headquartered in Ottawa, is a pioneer in the BioDiesel industry in Canada.  . 

BioDiesel is the only fuel to be classified as entirely non-toxic; it biodegrades faster than sugar, is ten times less toxic than table salt and produces exhaust that some say smells like popcorn or French fries.

BioDiesel can be used in its pure form (B100), or blended with petroleum diesel at any level.  It significantly reduces emissions such as carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter. It is nontoxic, biodegradable and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics. BioDiesel offers similar fuel economy, horsepower and torque to petroleum diesel while providing superior lubricity.

There are currently four retail BioDiesel stations in Canada – all of them are operated by Topia Energy. There are over 250 retail BioDiesel stations in the United States.

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