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Topia’s “GreenStop” provides green fuels, green coffee, and healthy snacks

Ottawa, ON September 5, 2005 – Topia’s GreenStop, Canada first renewable fuel gas station, today officially opened its doors to the public in the nation’s capital. Serving only renewable fuel blends such as Biodiesel and E10 ethanol, it is the first renewable gas station in the country that services every car and truck on the road today.

“GreenStop is Canada’s first challenge to the gasoline monopoly of your corner gas station. We serve the latest renewable fuels that are ready for use today,” said Govindh Jayaraman President of Topia Energy Distribution Inc. “But we don’t stop there. Our Real Café also aims to end decades of stale coffee and bad doughnuts at gas stations.”

The GreenStop, located at 1621 Woodward Drive [Corner Clyde and Woodward] in Ottawa is the first in what Jayaraman will be a franchise of GreenStop outlets across the country.

Three types of fuel are sold at the GreenStop:

  1. B20 BioDiesel (suitable for every diesel car or truck on the road today) made from used cooking oil and vegetable fats
  2. E10 Ethanol (suitable for every car on the road today) made by blending gas made with ethanol made from corn
  3. E85 Ethanol (for use in FFVs – Flex Fuel Vehicles which can take up to 85% ethanol) – FFVs are currently sold by General Motors, Daimler Chrysler and Ford

Topia’s Real Café at the GreenStop includes food from DISH Catering, fresh, innovative, local and organic veggie, beef, and chicken wraps, Blue Sky Natural Cola & soft drinks, and Cameron’s coffee – Canada’s most environmentally friendly coffee (Fair Trade Certified, Conventionaland Decaffeinated – 100% Chemical Free Coffees).

Topia took the time to use environmentally friendly materials when refurbishing the retail infrastructure of GreenStop (an old gas station), including compressed recycled straw board cabinets, poured concrete counter tops (chemical free, and renewable) and chemical free linoleum flooring. Topia makes wide use of recycled supplies such as coffee cups, thermo sleeves and paper bags made from recycled material And definitely NO cigarettes, refined sugar based sodas or snacks, and traditional stale donuts and bad coffee.


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